Monday, December 27, 2010

Snowpocalypse from the South End

While the South End slowly begins to dig out, the blizzard that has buried Boston under more than a foot of snow continues to rage.

A storm surge flooded several towns along the Massachusetts coast earlier this morning--and a fire continues to rage through an oceanfront neighborhood in Scituate that remains under several feet of water. Paul and I just dug out his car along West Canton Street here in Boston. And we saw at least three people with shovels walking through the neighborhood. It will certainly prove a lucrative day for them!

West Canton Street in Boston's South End.

Slowly digging out...

West Canton Street in Boston's South End.

WCVB's coverage of the storm.

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Joey said... least it looks pretty up there in New England (even in Boston). We had a major snowstorm in NYC too. (Or maybe it's part of the same storm?) We've just grown unused to it, unlike you guys.