Monday, May 7, 2007

Gay Republicans Hold Annual Convention

Gay Republicans from across the country met in Denver this weekend for the annual Log Cabin Republican convention. The confab came after the leading GOP Presidential candidates met at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Southern California in the first of several planned forums in the months leading up to the first primaries and caucuses. The war and abortion dominated the conversation between moderator Chris Matthews and the candidates attempted to display their conservative credentials in the image of the late 40th President. The GOP remains in shambles after last November's mid-term elections and the current administration's unpopularity. This reality was on full display on the stage in Simi Valley.

Log Cabin Republican Executive Director Patrick Sammon told this blogger last month the GOP needs to nominate a candidate who can appeal to moderate voters across the country. He added gay and lesbian Republicans, in particular, will look to a Republican who will unite the party. True. Last November's election proved the American people have begun to grow tired of the use of the anti-LGBT rhetoric around marriage for same-sex couples and other social issues to rally voters to the polls. The Republican Party's current disarray reflects that reality. The fact remains, however, the campaign remains in its infancy and LGBT politicos on both sides of the aisle cannot grow complacent [or arrogant] with regards to the perceived support their candidates give them. The Log Cabin Republicans could play an important role within the GOP as it attempts to appeal to a more voters outside of its socially conservative base. LGBT Democrats should follow suit if they wish to become more than a lucrative fundraising Rolodex.

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