Friday, May 18, 2007

Single? Listen to Public Radio? Tune in to WNYC’s Gay Mixer

The story I wrote for this week's New York Blade is much more light-hearted [and fun] than other more cynical blogs about American politics and movement maneuvering in recent days. "Sex and the City" provided me with an obvious inspiration... What's up Carrie? This blogger remains an avid WNYC listener who tunes into the station for hours each day. The station continues to cover a variety of LGBT-related stories in the city in a comprehensive manner. I very much look forward to attending next week's mixer.

For many single New Yorkers, Carrie Bradshaw of “Sex and the City” said it best when she compared Gotham to a “dating desert.” But contrary to popular belief, queer New Yorkers do not have to schlep all the way to Fire Island, East Hampton or even their local bar or bathhouse to find a potential date for the summer.

New York public radio station WNYC will provide Gotham’s LGBT singles with a much more local opportunity to meet their matches with its first singles mixer specifically for the LGBT community. It takes place Wednesday, May 23, at the Chelsea Art Museum on West 22nd Street.

Japanese photographer Miwa Yanagi will show her work in her first solo exhibit while gay and lesbian singles mingle and take part in a pop culture quiz moderated by veteran WNYC news reporter Richard Hake.

Hake, who also hosts the Advocate Newsmagazine on Logo, said the mixer provides gay listeners with an opportunity to meet like-minded public radiophiles. He joked that he expects singles to compare their favorite WNYC and National Public Radio programs—“Morning Edition,” “The Leonard Lopate Show” and “Fresh Air,” to name a few—while they discuss their favorite Madonna song, their favorite episode of “The L-Word” and other aspects of gay pop culture.

“People who listen to public radio love public radio,” he said. “This is a great way for people who are like minded to meet each other.”

WNYC remains the most listened-to public radio station in the country. More than 1 million people tune into New York Public Radio’s two stations each week. And WNYC remains the most popular radio station in Manhattan.

Brian Lehrer of “The Brian Lehrer Show” hosted a singles mixer last year but Hake said WNYC decided to host a variety of events this year with musical and other themes.

The station has sold more than 100 tickets for its gay singles event as of press time. Hake said he expects WNYC will sell more tickets because he feels listeners will find the mixer an attractive alternative to New York’s bars, dating Web sites and other virtual venues.

“The online thing can get so mechanical and so impersonal,” he said. “Events like this that are not bar-related or computer-related play on that well.”

Hake conceded he looks forward to the opportunity to talk about the Material Girl and other gay legends as emcee and quiz master.

But he added the upcoming mixer provides him with an opportunity to meet listeners who continue to support WNYC.

“I sometimes feel like I’m talking to myself in a windowless room and I don’t realize thousands of people are eavesdropping,” Hake joked. “I totally love to meet people who listen to us on the radio.”

WNYC’s LGBT Singles Mixer, hosted by Richard Hake, 7–10 p.m., The Chelsea Art Museum, 556 W. 22nd St., $35 advance/$40 at door (complimentary drinks and hors d’oeuvres are included); for more information, call WNYC Listener Services at 212-669-3333 or visit their web site at

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