Friday, July 13, 2007

Senator John McCain's Continued Campaign Missteps

It remains no secret to political pundits and observers U.S. Sen. John McCain [R-Ariz.] continues to struggle in his quest for the White House. He laid off a number of staffers earlier this month due to disappointing fundraising totals, two key advisors and campaign officials resigned earlier this week and police arrested his Florida campaign co-chair, state Rep. Bob Allen [R-Merritt Island], on July 11 after he allegedly offered to perform oral sex on an undercover male officer for $20.

This incident vaguely parallels the Congressional page scandal which brought down former U.S. Rep. Mark Foley [R-Fla.] last Fall. It is a potentially sensational story at best but it highlights, however, the plethora of negative headlines McCain continues to endure. His steadfast support of the war in Iraq and of the proposed immmigration bill which died in Congress surely continue to cut into what support he may have had among rank and file Republicans. Allen's arrest will certainly do nothing to curry additional support among social conservatives to whom McCain must appeal if he hopes to maintain any real hope of receiving the GOP nomination next summer. The Republican legislator will certainly launch a vigorous defense as he fights these allegations. McCain, on the other hand, has a much steeper hill to climb if he hopes to salvage a campaign which once held such promise.

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