Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Albany nonsense continues

A weekend reporting on Fire Island and trying in vain to find a rich husband almost insulated me from the unfortunate fact the nonsense in the New York State Senate that has brought everything to a grinding halt continues.

The latest turn in this ridiculous ego-driven saga came yesterday when state Sen. Hiram Monserrate [D-Queens] announced he will return to his party. State Sen. Pedro Espada, Jr., [D-Bronx] was the only self-described Democrat who appeared in the chamber yesterday, but Monserrate's decision to return to the political mouth that (once) fed him essentially guarantees 31 Democrats and 31 Republicans.

Are you keeping score? A state Supreme Court judge continues to debate who will lead the dysfunctional senate, but one source told me late last week the whole situation is "not good news." Indeed, frustration certainly continues to grow.

The Daily News has launched a campaign to not pay legislators until they get back to the business their constituents elected them to do. And Channel 11 anchors Kaity Tong and Jim Watkins made their feelings known after reporter Marvin Scott wrapped up a live shot from Albany. The events of the past week remain a complete and utter disgrace. It's time for legislators to get their shit together, put aside bruised egos and actually pass legislation that directly benefits their constituents.

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It's like freakin' survivor upstate