Monday, June 22, 2009

Marriage vote possible this week in New York State Senate

I am back in Bushwick after a weekend of torrential downpours, perusing for discount designer fashions and partying in a toga, but news of the possible vote on marriage for gays and lesbians in Albany this week continues to flood my inbox.

The State Senate has remained disgracefully deadlocked since Republicans and a handful of dissident Democrats staged a coop two weeks ago over control of the chamber. Governor David Paterson could have intervened to end this nonsense, but only today has he ordered lawmakers to return to Albany on Wednesday for the start of a special legislative session. Paterson has reportedly told the Empire State Pride Agenda the marriage bill remains one of his top priorities.

"New York’s elected officials were put in office to do the people’s business," Pride Agenda executive director Alan Van Capelle said in a statement. "Legislators cannot go home without passing marriage equality legislation this month. Our community and our allies expect this to happen."

An Albany source later confirmed this possibility, but it still remains unclear as to whether the bill have enough support--especially among Republicans. The fact remains, however, the abject nonsense that has paralyzed the state Senate for two weeks will have a potentially devastating impact on real New Yorkers across the state. It's time to put aside egos once and for all and complete the people's business.

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Anonymous said...

I don't think they're done waxing their ego's at our expense. Until I see the Senate actually in session, I've no confidence a gay marriage bill will happen, or anything for that matter.