Wednesday, June 3, 2009

New Hampshire House passes marriage bill

The New Hampshire House of Representatives voted 198-176 today to approve an amended bill that would extend marriage to same-sex couples.

Lawmakers narrowly vetoed the bill late last month after they could not agree upon language contained within it that would have clarified exemptions for religious institutions. Governor John Lynch maintained he would sign the bill only if the proposed legislation specifically spelled out these provisions.

"Today is a victory for all the people of New Hampshire, whom I believe in our independent way, want [fairness] for all," he said before he signed the bill into law. "That is truly the New Hampshire way."

I have repeatedly said I never thought growing-up in Manchester I would see the day Concord lawmakers would extend marriage (or even civil unions for that matter) to gay and lesbian Granite Staters. I am happy legislators in my home state have proven me wrong. Today is a great day for the state of New Hampshire. And lawmakers have once again stayed true to the "Live Free or Die" spirit that remains an integral part of the state's collective consciousness.

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What great news!