Thursday, June 11, 2009

Espada calls for marriage vote in the New York State Senate

As this humble journalist and others across the state continue to try to figure out what the hell happened in Albany on Monday afternoon, the probable new president pro
tempore just announced he supports a vote on the bill that would extend marriage to same-sex couples.

Senator Pedro Espada, Jr., [D-Bronx] made the announcement during a speech before his colleagues on the Senate floor. One of the main concerns that emerged out of Monday's nonsense is legislators would not vote on the marriage bill. Presumptive former Senate Majority Leader Malcolm Smith [D-Queens] had repeatedly maintained he did not have enough votes to secure its passage. It remains unclear as to whether this fact has changed, but Espada's pledge to bring the proposed legislation to the floor almost certainly comes as a relief to anxious activists across the state.

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