Friday, June 5, 2009

Union Leader once again opines against marriage for same-sex couples

I'm honestly surprised it took the Union Leader two days to officially speak out against the bill Gov. John Lynch signed into law on Wednesday that extends marriage to same-sex couples, but opine it did in today's editorial.

Publisher Joe McQuaid wrote an editorial published on the rag's front page titled "Dishonesty in Concord." He opined "New Hampshire this week has witnessed intellectual and political dishonesty from Gov. John Lynch (whom he has dubbed Gov. Flynch) and his liberal Democratic legislative allies that is downright breathtaking." McQuaid further criticized the highly popular governor's thoughts about those who campaigned against the bill.

"Lynch is also intellectually dishonest in his implication that people opposed gay marriages solely because they didn't want traditional churches to be forced to participate," he said.


McQuaid also challenged New Hampshire residents to take action against Lynch and those who supported the bill at the polls next year.

"If they get away with it, Granite State voters will have only themselves to blame," he said.

The fact more than 50 percent of New Hampshire residents support marriage for same-sex couples indicates McQuaid and his newspaper's conservative perspective are increasingly out-of-touch with the state on which they claim to represent. One has come to expect these ridiculous arguments from a publication that continues to grab straws to justify its desperate attempt to block the inevitable change that continues to transform the Granite State for the better. Its increasing irrelevance, however, speaks for itself.

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