Sunday, March 21, 2010

Fire Island 2010

The first trip back to Fire Island each year always proves exciting, and our trip today was certainly no different.

Koitz and I were among the nearly three dozen or so people who took the 11 a.m. ferry from Sayville. And a handful of realtors, year-round residents, home owners and even U.S. Census takers greeted the boat as it arrived in Cherry Grove.

A cool breeze had already begun to blow off the Atlantic, but a brilliant blue sky provided the perfect day to survey the beach after the long and snowy winter. The beach in Cherry Grove stood up quite well to the several nor'easters that battered the coast over the last few months. Sections of the beach east of Fisherman's Path in the Fire Island Pines suffered some serious erosion. And the Great South Bay continued the area immediately east of Heaven n' Earth in the Grove.

Below are some pictures and two videos from today.

On the steps of Island Breeze in Cherry Grove.

This sign speaks a thousand words!

A water tank or boiler somehow became lodged in the swamp between Cherry Grove and the Fire Island Pines.

Businesses along the Fire Island Pines harbor.

Beach erosion near Fisherman's Walk in the Fire Island Pines.

The ferry to Sayville pulls into the Fire Island Pines.

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