Sunday, March 7, 2010

Riding the J Train

The oft-maligned J train certainly doesn't garner the affection of those who take it into Manhattan every day, but this line does, however, afford some of the best views of the city as it passes over the Williamsburg Bridge. Here are two clips I shot yesterday afternoon.

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riot said...

I've grown quite fond of the J. Though often crowded, I've found it to be quite reliable during rush hours, and even late nights it tends to be regular, if a bit slow. During these long Winter months, when I'm often stuck in my office building during all of the daylight hours, watching these views in the morning is sometimes the only sun I get all day.

Nonetheless, I'm watching with interest the proposed V train extension, though I live far enough out on Broadway that I'll still have to change trains.

Thanks for the vids!