Friday, March 5, 2010

New York awaits Paterson's possible resignation

Will (and when will) embattled Gov. David Paterson resign?

Peter Kauffmann's resignation only heightened speculation the governor would step-down. And an Albany source told Boy in Bushwick in an e-mail at 3:30 yesterday afternoon Paterson's resignation would happen within the hour. It obviously didn't materialize, but the Wall Street Journal reported an emergency meeting of Paterson's New York City staff will take place in Midtown Manhattan later today.

An exit strategy is almost certainly in the works, and former State Comptroller H. Carl McCall seemed to imply that in comments he made to the Times before he attended a meeting with the Rev. Al Sharpton and other black and Latino politicians and city leaders in Sylvia's in Harlem. Paterson is increasingly unable to govern the state, which remains in desperate need of executive leadership that will effectively tackle the mounting budget deficit, a sluggish economy and other serious problems. And his resignation seems almost inevitable.

Paterson's office told journalists late yesterday afternoon the governor will be in New York City and has no public schedule. These schedules are often subject to change. And one can easily read between the lines and conclude Paterson may announce his resignation after members of his staff end their emergency meeting.

Stay tuned...

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