Monday, March 1, 2010

New York Times reports Paterson ordered two aides to call woman in domestic violence case

The plot suddenly thickens in the ongoing saga surrounding Gov. David Paterson.

The New York Times reported earlier tonight he directed two aides -- press secretary Marissa Shorenstein and state employee Deneane Brown -- to contact the woman whom David Johnson allegedly assaulted and dissuade her from appearing in court on Feb. 8. This report comes less than four days after Paterson suspended his election campaign. And these latest revelations will certainly increase calls for his resignation -- even before he serves the remaining 305 days of his term.

Shorenstein is the contact on a press release the governor's office sent out earlier tonight about St. Vincent's. The rather obvious question, however, is indeed whether Paterson will resign (and when.) One contact speculated it could happen as early as this weekend, but the fact remains Paterson is an increasing distraction for a state that continues to face extremely serious problems. It is time for the governor to end this saga once and for all.

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