Thursday, June 14, 2007

Massachusetts Lawmakers Slated to Again Debate Marriage

Beacon Hill lawmakers could decide the fate of a proposed Constitutional amendment to ban marriage for same-sex couples once and for all today with yet another scheduled Constitutional Convention to decide the matter. The ConCon is the third in six months to address the future of the proposed amendment. It appears, however, it may not survive today's vote if lawmakers actually hold one.

Governor Deval Patrick, House Speaker Sal DiMasi [D-Boston], Senate President Therese Murray [D-Plymouth] have joined MassEquality and other advocacy organizations in recent weeks to lobby legislators to vote against the proposed amendment. United States House Speaker Nancy Pelosi [D-California] and other high-ranking Democrats have also urged lawmakers to put this issue to bed as they seek to gain control of the White House next November. It appears as though these efforts have succeeded if the press reports are true. This long-running political drama could potentially come to an end today if lawmakers vote against the proposed amendment. Activists in the Commonwealth and across the country will certainly hold their breath as the ConCon begins.

Update [3:07 p.m.]: Lawmakers defeated the proposed amendment in a 151-45 vote. It will not go before voters next November.

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