Wednesday, June 20, 2007

New York State Assembly Passes Marriage Bill

The New York State Assembly handed gay activists the latest in a series of marriage victories late last night after they passed a bill which would allow same-sex couples to marry in the Empire State. Lawmakers endorsed the bill in an 85-to-61 vote. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's sudden announcement he had left the Republican Party pushed this historic vote far onto the back pages [The New York Times buried the story as part of an overall legislative round-up article].

The New York State Court of Appeals stung the Empire State Pride Agenda, Lambda Legal, Marriage Equality New York and other activist organizations [and gay New Yorkers for that matter] last July after it ruled against multiple lawsuits which sought marriage for same-sex couples. The State Senate, led by Republican Joseph Bruno, will almost certainly fail to take up this issue before it leaves for its summer recess at the end of this week. Most activists surely recognize that reality despite their public statements and press releases in praise of the progress last night's vote represents. The Assembly's support, however, remains a historic step forward in New York State which gives activists a definite shot in the arm days before the city's Pride march.

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