Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Young People Continue to Moderate to the Left

Poll results published in today's New York Times confirms young Americans increasingly support marriage for same-sex couples and continue to lean to the left in terms of their political ideology. The poll found 68 percent of those between the ages of 17 and 29 favored marriage or civil unions for same-sex couples as compared to 60 percent of all adults surveyed. [The poll, rather interestingly, found 43 percent of those between 17 and 29 polled feel gay men and lesbians can choose their sexual orientation.]

Political realities and movements for social change never exist purely in black or white as this poll's results indicate. The larger issue remains, however, that young Americans continue to moderate their positions on marriage for same-sex couples, abortion and a host of other issues at the expense of social conservatives who continue to push their anti-gay, anti-choice agenda. This blogger is 25 so he fits within the polls demographic. Student loan payments, access to quality health care, economic and environmental sustainability remain important issues for him -- and dare he venture for many young Americans as well. Times continue to change. The reality of life sometimes dictate the issues about which people care as they enter the voting booth or decide which Presidential candidate to support in the primary and caucus season. These results simply confirm this trend.

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